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posted on: 29/09/2018

"Wow! Brussels ánd Amsterdam sold out in just 3 minutes! We are overwhelmed by the respons to our 30 year anniversary shows! Despite the many text- and mailmessages, there will be no extra show for now. First we're gonna celebrate this with a few beers (and a bottle of coke for Igor). Thank you all very much! We'll see what the future holds. For now: see you in 2019!"

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30 years Heideroosjes!

posted on: 26/09/2018

Anniversary shows in Amsterdam and Brussels

In 2019 it's exactly 30 years ago we started Heideroosjes. That's why we return, for two anniversary shows! Of course we step back into the arena at the same place where we left it in 2012: Melkweg Amsterdam (26 January) and the AB in Brussels (2 February).

After our final show in September 2012 we hardly spoke or met. We had been together in a van for 23 years, since the time we were kids. Almost 1500 shows from Japan to the US and South Africa. We felt it was time for new things in our personal lives. Fred expanded his cultural events company, Igor kept touring worldwide as a roady for the band EPICA and Frank focused on his audiovisual technician skills. Only Marco remained as a touring artist. He wrote a book, made two solo theatre shows, recorded an album with a new rock band called STAVAST and featured as the host for the Dutch version of the TV show INK MASTER.

In the recent years we kept getting offers to play a reunion show at festivals. But we simply didn't want to.
Once a year we had a gathering with our old crewmembers to drink beer and talk nonsense.
It was at the end of such night when we decided to celebrate the fact it's 30 years since we started our band.
And YES, we are looking forward to that (temporary) return in 2019!

Ticket sales for both shows start Saturday 29th September 2018 at 10 AM CET. Please check websites of Melkweg and AB Brussels!

Support act in Melkweg are our hometown buddies AFTERPARTEES, in Brussels female-fronted punkband MARCH will kick off the party

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posted on: 20/04/2012

The Sziget Festival takes place from 6-12 August in Budapest and expects 400.000 visitors in 7 days.

"We are very pleased with this invitation," says singer/guitarist Marco Roelofs.

"We played in Hungary before with The Misfits, that was very succesful. I can't wait to get back to Budapest".

Heideroosjes will play on Sunday 12th August.

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posted on: 14/09/2011


Twenty-two years ago we started a musical novel that we never expected would contain as many chapters as it did. Yet today we face the final chapter: Heideroosjes are quitting.

Our last album is called CEASE-FIRE and will be released on STRONG> Monday, November 21. At the same time our farewell tour starts and it will continue until summer 2012. After that, it’s over.

We have been together with the same four guys for over half our lives. We have done nearly 1500 shows in countries all over the world; we have sold hundreds of thousands of albums and toured with almost all our favorite bands. We have lived our dream. Being in this band isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. And we’ve loved it.

But now we’re feeling the cracks in the surface somehow. Not from playing shows - that is still absolutely great. But we are fed up with all the stuff that comes along with being in a professional band. The constant pressure; the business bullshit.

We also found out after our sabbatical in 2010 that the personal priorities of the band members had changed. We often talked about that and the conclusion was always the same: if we want to keep our mutual friendship strong, then we need to get rid of this intensive professional collaboration. It hurts but that’s what we’re gonna do.

But don’t worry; we’re not leaving the arena through the exit-door. No way. Right now we're in the studio because we are gonna end this dream in style; with an album and a tour. One last round, at full speed!

From mid November onwards we will be on our farewell tour. You can find all the venues and cities in our Tour section .

In 2012 we will also be rocking a select number of festivals and then the final curtain falls at the end of the summer.

We hope to see you during our farewell tour! For one last party in the pit.

Many thanks for the unforgettable lifetime of memories you have all given us.

Marco, Frank, Fred, Igor

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posted on: 27/11/2009

At this moment Heideroosjes is nearly finished with a great 20 year anniversary tour. We played over 90 shows and celebrated the fact of being on the road for such a long time. We are proud we survived all those years without any line up changes and with a very loyal fanbase around the globe.

Looking to 2010 we felt we deserved a break. We still love touring, making albums and be part of the rock 'n roll circus. But we also strongly believe it's good -especially for an 'old' band like we are- to step out of the ring for some time. That's why we decided to take break for the year 2010.

Don't worry; in January 2011 Heideroosjes will be back in the ring. Recording a new album, doing a new tour. With fresh energy and full dedication.

Thanks for your support over the years and please check back on this site during 2010 because we'll put on some content every few weeks.

See you all in 2011! In the pit....!

Marco, Fred, Igor, Frank

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goodbye 2008....hello 2009...20 years!

posted on: 17/12/2008

Another year is over... A year in which Heideroosjes broke the unwritten rules of punkrock and made a comedy-show. I remember the surprised faces when I first told people we wanted to do something completely different. Now, almost 70 succesful comedy-shows later, we convinced our supporters of the fact that a theatre-show can still have a punkrock feel. And yes, we're proud of that. Sometimes you have to break old rules and set new standards. So looking back at 2008 I want to thank everyone for supporting us.

What brings 2009? Well, a lot, actually. It's our 20 year anniversary! We'll kick off with rockshows in March and we'll release a double-album in May. Further details will follow half January but it's gonna be a very special album that's for sure. And of course we'll tour around the globe in 2009. I can't wait to be back on the road and visit all our friends all over the world. Damn... twenty years with the same four guys in one band. I think we deserve to be in the Guiness Book of Records haha. All those hours we've spent travelling in a van or a plane. All those waiting hours in smelly backstage-rooms. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it! But serious; being in this band for 20 years is great. And we feel honored that we still mean something to a lot of people. So to all these fans who buy tickets to our shows, who wear our T-shirts and play our albums.... THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We hope to see you all soon!

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UK tour canceled due to family-circumstances

posted on: 21/07/2008

For the first time in almost 20 year we have to cancel a tour. The announced dates in the United Kingdom (begining of August) have been canceled due to family circumstances. We are very sorry for this and for sure Heideroosjes will be back in the UK as soon as new dates fit in our schedule. Please stay tuned and we hope to see you'll soon!

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Heideroosjes tour with comedy show!

posted on: 04/03/2008

What the fu@k? A punkrockband doing a theatre-show? Well folks, that's right!
After 19 years of touring around the world, Heideroosjes wants do something completely new. Not forever, but just for a while. That's why we decided to make our own comedy theatre show!

Starting in September 2008 we will play 70 theatre shows in Holland and Belgium.
What can you expect? Of course Heideroosjes songs, some loud as hell, some re-arranged and unplugged. Besides music the band presents stand up comedy and other weird stuff.
We realize this is a side-step not every punkrock-fan might embrace :-)

But to us rock 'n roll is about searching for creative challenges and being excited when it comes to new experiences. So for those who don't like theatre/comedy/unplugged… don't worry; in 2009 the band celebrates 20 years of being together.
Of course a huge (and loud) anniversary tour will be part of that celebration! So.. see you in the pit (or in a seat later this year :-) !)


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Heideroosjes on tour with Misfits (again)!

posted on: 14/01/2008

Heideroosjes planned a year with less tours. Last year was crazy and we decided a little break would be good. But that's not gonna happen! Legendary horrorpunks THE MISFITS asked Heideroosjes to join them on a new European tour. We toured with them in 2007 and that was a great trip. This year we'll support The Misfits from end of April till half May. All the dates will be announced on this website soon. People in Swiss, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary and Chech Republic..... see you soon!!

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Show in Essen (Germany) cancelled!

posted on: 18/11/2007

We are very sorry to inform you that the upcoming show in Essen (November 24th) has been cancelled! Due to reasons beyond our power the entire festival is off. We apoligize to our fans who already bought tickets for the event. If neccessary contact the promoter here

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