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New album out now! New Tour!

posted on: 15/03/2007

Finally! Our new album CHAPTER EIGHT, THE GOLDEN STATE hits the streets all overEuropenow! And it hits the Album Top 100 in The Netherlands this week at number 26# !

Our new recordlabel is U-SONIC and their distribution partners take care for local distribution in nearly every European country. Later this year the album will be released in Japan and we're still working on the United States & Canada. In case your recordstore has this great piece of work not in stock (shame!)... this is the number how to order: number 368657, catalogue number 7007 USR.

We'll keep you posted with reviews and stuff. In the tour section you'll find the first tourdates. But expect the band touring the rest of this year so check back regularly. See you in the pit!

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Back from the USA with great album!

posted on: 07/12/2006

We are back from a great experience in Los Angeles (CA). Heideroosjes had a wonderful time working with producer Cameron Webb. He's mixing the album right now and it will be instores in Europe at MARCH 12th 2007!

The album title is CHAPTER EIGHT, THE GOLDEN STATE and the CD/LP contains 15 songs in English and Dutch.Here youcan find some funny movies that we made in the studio

2007 is gonna be a year full of touring all over the world. We are looking forward meeting all our fans again! Please check our concert-page regularly because we add new concerts almost daily!

Within a few weeks you'll find a preview of the new album on this site. And of course we'll keep you posted about all the stuff coming up in 2007 (did I mention our record-releaseparty in Cologne, Germany at March 17th?). Thanks for now and see you on the road!

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Follow HR during making the new album!

posted on: 29/09/2006

Half October Heideroosjes fly to Los Angeles to record their new album. And right here you're able to follow this whole process of recording and mixing the record! Every few days (and if possible; daily) you'll find studio-reports, pictures, short movies and sounds on this website. Not only studio-stuff but also the (hilarious?) adventures of 4 Dutch rockers in Los Angeles. Expect the first studio-report around October 24th. Stay tuned and see all the good and bad times of a band recording "our best album ever"!!

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Download new video 'United Tibet'

posted on: 29/07/2006

Heideroosjes re-wrote the song UNITED SCUM with Tibetan singer Loten. This benefit-song is called UNITED TIBET. The mix is done and we shot a video for it. The song handles about the violent oppression of the Tibetan people in their own country (China invaded Tibet years ago and is basicly destroying the unique culture of the Tibetan (budhist) people. The video will also be used as a 'teaser' for the annual Tibet-festival in Holland. Please also check www.ticketfortibet.com for more info about the Tibetan issue and the benefit-festival!

Download 'United Tibet'

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HR in the middle of writing new album

posted on: 29/06/2006

Hello people! I got some news for you. At this moment we are in the middle of writing new songs. We have 24 ideas so far. 13 of them have been worked out and are 'real songs' at the moment. We have some work to do and around 16 songs will end up on the new album.

Speaking of that new album. Heideroosjes gonna work with producer Cameron Webb (Ignite, Social Distortion, Sum 41, Motorhead) for this album. End of October we'll fly to Los Angeles to track all the stuff we wrote.

Right after that we'll fly back to do this year's Nikolaus Raus Tour. That's right, it's in Germany! Together with ZSK, Go Faster Nuns and ACK we'll play some cool clubs in December. And if mother nature sticks to her schedule, the best bassplayer of our band gets his first baby in December! Yes, Fred is becoming a father. It's gonna be fun haha....

All this means that the new album will not be released before next year. It will be in stores around February and we will tour our asses off the rest of the year. Be aware... this is just silence before the storm will hit your town haha....

Please check back here for updates. We will keep you posted about the process of making, recording and mixing the new album. Thanks for your support!


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Heideroosjes record song for Tibet

posted on: 24/06/2006

Heideroosjes have recorded a song together with famous Tibetan singer LOTEN. It's a re-written version of the Heideroosjes-classic UNITED SCUM. The new title is UNITED TIBET and the lyrics deal with the problematic situation for the Tibetans in their own country (which is occupied by the Chinese government). The Dutch Tibet Support Group asked Heideroosjes to record UNITED TIBET for a single. "Last year we played at a benefit-festival for Tibet. That day we met Tibetan singer Loten and after some chat we thought it was cool if he joined us on stage" says Marco. "To our surprised it worked out absolutely great! So when the people of Ticket For Tibet asked us to do this single, we immediately said 'yes'".

UNITED TIBET will be released in Holland and Belgium to get attention for this years Ticket For Tibet festival which takes place at August 27th in Best (Holland). For all infos about the song, release-date and videoclip please also check the website of Ticket For Tibet.

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Heideroosjes sign nationwide US-deal

posted on: 29/03/2006

Great news! Heideroosjes have inked a recorddeal for North America with I SCREAM RECORDS. A compilation CD with the best songs will be released on June 6th 2006. I Scream Records, founded in Belgium in 1994, recently opened a branch of their European office in Los Angeles and have signed an exclusive distribution deal with The NAVARRE COOPERATION (www.navarre.com).

"This compilation will be entitled "ROYAL TO THE BONE" and should be a perfect introduction of the band in the US" says singer Marco. "I Scream Records is a new player in the American music industry and there for on top of what they need to do. It's such a label we as a band need since we are and have been very persistent and possessed as well"

Later this year Heideroosjes will head out to the US (again) to back up this release with live shows. (In the mean time the band is working on new songs).
Needless to say this deal is exclusively for the USA since Heideroosjes have been signed to EPITAPH in Europe for years.

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posted on: 08/03/2006

Heideroosjes had cameras following the band for one year. The result is over 2,5 hours of rock 'n roll music and a view into the life of the bandmembers. Besides 24 live songs you'll find a 35 minute tourmovie about the recent tour in the USA. Further on this disc; backstage-reports at festivals and their 15-year anniversary shows in Brussels (B) and Tilburg (NL). Besides that you'll see how the band works at the new album. Check this out!

TIME: 2,5 hours
SUBTITLES: Dutch & English

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Stuck in snowstorm

posted on: 05/03/2006

Heideroosjes got stuck in snowstorm traffic. Therefor we couldn't reach Ebersberg in time and had to cancel the gig last minute. We are very sorry! New date will be announced.

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Backgrounds of our new song

posted on: 10/02/2006

Heideroosjes recorded a brandnew song and you can download it for free!
Special guest on the song called "Da's toch dope man!" is Gerd Leers, mayor of the city Maastricht.
The song is in Dutch and deals with the drug-policy of the Dutch government. Despite of what many people think, soft-drugs like marihuana are NOT legal in Holland. Our goverment kind of tolerates its. They allow coffee-shops to sell small amount of soft-drugs. That's cool. But the strange thing is: they forbid coffee-shops to buy soft-drugs. Which is a strange situation because coffee-shops are allowed to sell something they're not allowed to purchase??
Now the goverment wants to start a kind of 'zero tolerance' way of handling the soft-drugs issue. We feel that's stupid. In our opinion soft-drugs (not hard-drugs) is just the same as a bottle of booz. Many people like to use it. And even if the government tries to forbid them, they use it. So why not legalise it? Only than you're able to make decent laws around the soft-drugs issue. The coffee-shop gets the same treatment as a liquour-store. They pay taxes and get treated like a normal business. No more criminal activities but normal policies.
The mayor of Maastricht is one of the very few politicians who supports that way of handling soft-drugs. We thought that's real cool because most politicians don't have the guts to approach soft-drugs in a positive way. Most politicians are scared not to get re-elected. Gerd Leers has the balls to stand up and voice his oppinion. That's why we asked him to join us in this song. We hope you like the song!!

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