Message posted on: 24-12-2003

Heideroosjes want to thank all our fans for another great year. We want to truly let you know we appreciate your support to our band. Without you we are nothing. Thatís the way it is. The upcoming year will be an exciting one. After the release of our new album (in February) we will tour our asses off all over the world. Europe, USA, wherever people wanna see us, weíll go and play. Last year we worked hard and put all our effort into our 8th album. Thatís why we havenít been on tour so much lately. But as said; that will change in 2004! I hope you stick to Heideroosjes and keep on supporting us. We will visit a lot of cities so come out and see us! For now I wanna wish everybody a good year and I hope the world will become a better place in 2004. (Not re-electing Bush jr would be a good start for example). Closer to home I would say; if weíre all true and honest to the people we care about, itís a good step in the right direction. Last but not least; letís keep on supporting good music! See you all in 2004! Remember: United scum rules!

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