Message posted on: 2-2-2004

The first reviews of the new album come in at this moment. We're proud to tell you they're all positive! Here's already a small selection of reviews. More stories will follow soon...!

"The year has just started and the best album of 2004 is a fact! These guys are unstopable!" (Rif Raf, Belgium)

"Humour and indignation are keywords but more than ever it's good songs they write" (Fret, Holland)

"This music has something irresistible!" (Rock Tribune, Holland)

"SINema is an album with its heart at the right place. Cherish this band" (UP Magazine, Holland)

"After 14 years, the magic is still there. It takes expertise to melt their different styles together as one, beautiful piece. And they did it!" (MindView, Belgium)

"Honest, sleazy, right in your face... for punkrock-lovers this album belongs to the 'should-have' of 2004!" (Hammer, Germany)

"Even though they sold a lot of albums and did tons of shows, the Heideroosjes still kept their credibility. They offer more than just 3-chord-punkrock... This album is musically very interesting and give pleasure from beginning till end. Very well done!" (Rock Hard, Germany).

to be continued....

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