Heideroosjes rock SXSW in Texas

Message posted on: 21-3-2004

Heideroosjes did a very fantastic show at the big South By Southwest Festival in Austin Texas! The very prestigiues and important The Austin Chronicles writes about the Heideroosjes concert: " Veterans Heideroosjes pretty well leveled the place when they took over. Rather than relentless express-train thrash, they write in some peaks and valleys, with short, pugnacious lead singer Marco bellowing about "scapegoat revolution" and other vaguely political topics. True to their roots, there's a song dedicated to the Ramones and a number that translates roughly as "Drop Dead", which could pass for a Minor Threat song. By the end of their set the singer was exhorting the 6th Street crowd from a window, the bassplayer was up on top of the PA cabinets, and an anonymous punk rocker was cavorting around onstage. They burn more calories and write better songs than the standard-issue American punk band, and blew the first two bands right out the front door. Now THERE'S a lesson in how to rock!". Not bad at all we thought!!

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