Marco tells about touring, the accident etc

Message posted on: 19-4-2004

How are you all doing? I must say it’s a strange time for us. Different sorts of emotions cross our path these days. A new album, a serious accident, the first US-tour, a new European tour, and last but not least a Dutch Grammy Award. I hardly find time to deal with all this stuff. But all over, I’m positive, especially since the recovery of our roady Eelco is getting better and better. After hearing the diagnose "paralised from neck till feet with less than 1% change for recovery" we all had a rough time. Eelco and Heideroosjes work together for 10 years now and he and his wife are part of the HR-family. We have been through a lot together and if you get a diagnose like the above, it turns your world upside down. But somehow Eelco got strength to take that 1% and fight his way back. At this point he’s even able to stand up again. He still has no feeling in his legs but he can move. Doctors say it’s a miracle. We are just happy. And thankful for so much luck and this second chance for Eelco. Hopefully he’ll be able to join us on the road someday in the future.

This terrible accident happened just after the very first gig of our +/- 50 dates counting tour. Eelco insisted on continouing the tour so that’s what we did. It felt very strange and uncomfortable in the beginning but after some shows we’d found a way to deal with the fact he wasn’t around on stage. The Dutch and Belgian tour was a success and the record is doing well (we hit the charts in Holland and in Belgium). Our first trip to the US was a great advanture. We did a rockin show at the SXSW Festival in Austin and got a very very positive review in the Austin Chronicle (check presspage). Next year we plan to go back for a longer US tour! Our first part of the European Tour (mainly Germany, Austria, Italy) was good as well. Places we’d played before were better visited, which indicates for me that people liked us the previous time and brought their friends this time. But to be honest; the places we’d never played before were sometimes hard because we didn’t get as much people in as we hoped or expected. But over all, the tour was cool! We made a lot of new friends! The rest of this year we keep on touring all over Europe so please check our concertpage for updates. To all the folks who came out to see our show I want to say, thank you so much! Without you, we are nothing! Cliché but true…     


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