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Message posted on: 28-5-2004

Hey folks! Here’s a little update about all the stuff we’re doing at the moment. After our club-tour in March and April we’d planned to take a little rest before the festival-season starts. But as it goes with things you plan…. They turn out otherwise…. We got a call if Heideroosjes could fit in the European tour of US ska-punkers Less Than Jake. They came over with two support bands but one of them (Yellowcard) had to cancel. Even though this was a very last minute offer we decided to do it. And; no regrets! We had a great time and made some new friends. A lot of kids hadn’t heard of Heideroosjes before but liked what we did. That’s a good thing of course.  The guys of the other support band (AKA’s) turned out to be friendly fellows as well. Too bad the tour took only 10 shows for us. Hopefully we play together again in the future. And to all the kids who supported us…thank you!

At this moment we’re preparing for a lot of festival-shows to come. We play the biggest festivals in Holland (Lowlands) and Belgium (Rock Werchter) but we also visit Germany, Austria, Italy and Sweden for festivals. Especially Sweden is something I look forward to because I have never been there. It’s supposed to be beautiful. After the festival-summer we take a little vacation and we’ll be back in October. We’ll do our own headline tour in Germany, Austria, Switzerland again and we will tour Europe as part of a package. This will be the top of Dutch Alternative bands touring together in (mainly) Germany. Blitzkrieg uber Deutschland haha! We will travel with 3 Dutch bands and Peter Pan Speedrock is one of them. It will be a great rock ‘n roll party that’s for sure!

Somewhere around that time (November) we’re planning to release our first DVD. All the ‘greatest hits’ along with a documentary about 15 years Heideroosjes. It’s about time! By the end of this year (December) we will do a special 15-years-tour with a very special show and two very big celebration-parties. One in Holland, one in Belgium. Of course we’ll keep you updated about all these activities. For now I want to say; hope to see you somewhere in summer. Keep rocking!


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