HR about the year 2005

Message posted on: 24-12-2004

First of all; Heideroosjes and crew want to wish everybody a very positive and noizy 2005! The upcoming year will be a little different for Heideroosjes. After our two 15-years-celebration-shows in TILBURG (NL) and BRUSSELS (B) we'll have a little break. Drummer Igor will be in the hospital for surgery. The doctors insisted on not waiting any longer to fix some things regarding teeth and throat. Igor's recovery will take around 6 weeks so we hope to be back on the road in March again. Concerning concerts; Heideroosjes will not tour as much in 2005 as they did in 2004. We really toured our asses off throughout Europe and the USA (more than hundred shows). This new year we want to take more time for ourselfs and our loved ones. To get a little rest and write new songs. But don't worry; we will keep on playing shows! So please check our concert-page every now and then. We also will release our DVD outside Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. This DVD contains a punk-u-mentary (in Dutch) of 55 minutes and 23 live songs. Anyway; a lot of things are coming up in 2005 and I hope you'll keep on supporting us. Thanks for your time and energy. Take care and peace, Marco/HR

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