New DVD and album coming up!

Message posted on: 6-12-2005

After our semi-sabbatical year (which completely failed because we went on tour in the USA and played with our side-project-band instead of taking a break) ...the upcoming year 2006 will be a good old 'Heideroosjes' year.

In March we'll release a new DVD. It contains 3 hours of Heideroosjes. Over 20 live-songs from gigs in Brussels (B) and at the Pinkpop Festival in Holland 2005. Besides that you'll find a 40 minute tourmovie from our trip to the USA. And ofcourse a lot of backstage-stuff will come your way!

In the meantime Heideroosjes do just a few shows. We are still working on the new album and want to fully concentrate on that. To keep the fun and ourselfs alive we'll play some festivalshows. In Summer 2006 we'll record the new album and it will be released in NOVEMBER 2006. That might seem far away.. and it is... but your waiting will be satisfied! That's a promise!

Thanks for now and keep on checking for updates ok? You'll never know what the next Heideroosjes step is...

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