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Message posted on: 10-2-2006

Heideroosjes recorded a brandnew song and you can download it for free!
Special guest on the song called "Da's toch dope man!" is Gerd Leers, mayor of the city Maastricht.
The song is in Dutch and deals with the drug-policy of the Dutch government. Despite of what many people think, soft-drugs like marihuana are NOT legal in Holland. Our goverment kind of tolerates its. They allow coffee-shops to sell small amount of soft-drugs. That's cool. But the strange thing is: they forbid coffee-shops to buy soft-drugs. Which is a strange situation because coffee-shops are allowed to sell something they're not allowed to purchase??
Now the goverment wants to start a kind of 'zero tolerance' way of handling the soft-drugs issue. We feel that's stupid. In our opinion soft-drugs (not hard-drugs) is just the same as a bottle of booz. Many people like to use it. And even if the government tries to forbid them, they use it. So why not legalise it? Only than you're able to make decent laws around the soft-drugs issue. The coffee-shop gets the same treatment as a liquour-store. They pay taxes and get treated like a normal business. No more criminal activities but normal policies.
The mayor of Maastricht is one of the very few politicians who supports that way of handling soft-drugs. We thought that's real cool because most politicians don't have the guts to approach soft-drugs in a positive way. Most politicians are scared not to get re-elected. Gerd Leers has the balls to stand up and voice his oppinion. That's why we asked him to join us in this song. We hope you like the song!!

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