Heideroosjes sign nationwide US-deal

Message posted on: 29-3-2006

Great news! Heideroosjes have inked a recorddeal for North America with I SCREAM RECORDS . A compilation CD with the best songs will be released on June 6th 2006. I Scream Records, founded in Belgium in 1994, recently opened a branch of their European office in Los Angeles and have signed an exclusive distribution deal with The NAVARRE COOPERATION (www.navarre.com).

"This compilation will be entitled "ROYAL TO THE BONE" and should be a perfect introduction of the band in the US" says singer Marco. "I Scream Records is a new player in the American music industry and there for on top of what they need to do. It's such a label we as a band need since we are and have been very persistent and possessed as well"

Later this year Heideroosjes will head out to the US (again) to back up this release with live shows. (In the mean time the band is working on new songs).
Needless to say this deal is exclusively for the USA since Heideroosjes have been signed to EPITAPH in Europe for years.

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