Heideroosjes record song for Tibet

Message posted on: 24-6-2006

Heideroosjes have recorded a song together with famous Tibetan singer LOTEN. It's a re-written version of the Heideroosjes-classic UNITED SCUM. The new title is UNITED TIBET and the lyrics deal with the problematic situation for the Tibetans in their own country (which is occupied by the Chinese government). The Dutch Tibet Support Group asked Heideroosjes to record UNITED TIBET for a single. "Last year we played at a benefit-festival for Tibet. That day we met Tibetan singer Loten and after some chat we thought it was cool if he joined us on stage" says Marco. "To our surprised it worked out absolutely great! So when the people of Ticket For Tibet asked us to do this single, we immediately said 'yes'".

UNITED TIBET will be released in Holland and Belgium to get attention for this years Ticket For Tibet festival which takes place at August 27th in Best (Holland). For all infos about the song, release-date and videoclip please also check the website of Ticket For Tibet.

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