HR in the middle of writing new album

Message posted on: 29-6-2006

Hello people! I got some news for you. At this moment we are in the middle of writing new songs. We have 24 ideas so far. 13 of them have been worked out and are 'real songs' at the moment. We have some work to do and around 16 songs will end up on the new album.

Speaking of that new album. Heideroosjes gonna work with producer Cameron Webb (Ignite, Social Distortion, Sum 41, Motorhead) for this album. End of October we'll fly to Los Angeles to track all the stuff we wrote.

Right after that we'll fly back to do this year's Nikolaus Raus Tour. That's right, it's in Germany! Together with ZSK, Go Faster Nuns and ACK we'll play some cool clubs in December. And if mother nature sticks to her schedule, the best bassplayer of our band gets his first baby in December! Yes, Fred is becoming a father. It's gonna be fun haha....

All this means that the new album will not be released before next year. It will be in stores around February and we will tour our asses off the rest of the year. Be aware... this is just silence before the storm will hit your town haha....

Please check back here for updates. We will keep you posted about the process of making, recording and mixing the new album. Thanks for your support!


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