Heideroosjes tour with comedy show!

Message posted on: 4-3-2008

What the fu@k? A punkrockband doing a theatre-show? Well folks, that's right!
After 19 years of touring around the world, Heideroosjes wants do something completely new. Not forever, but just for a while. That's why we decided to make our own comedy theatre show!

Starting in September 2008 we will play 70 theatre shows in Holland and Belgium.
What can you expect? Of course Heideroosjes songs, some loud as hell, some re-arranged and unplugged. Besides music the band presents stand up comedy and other weird stuff.
We realize this is a side-step not every punkrock-fan might embrace :-)

But to us rock 'n roll is about searching for creative challenges and being excited when it comes to new experiences. So for those who don't like theatre/comedy/unplugged… don't worry; in 2009 the band celebrates 20 years of being together.
Of course a huge (and loud) anniversary tour will be part of that celebration! So.. see you in the pit (or in a seat later this year :-) !)


For more (recent) news; please check our website!!! (www.heideroosjes.com)
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