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Twenty-two years ago we started a musical novel that we never expected would contain as many chapters as it did. Yet today we face the final chapter: Heideroosjes are quitting.

Our last album is called CEASE-FIRE and will be released on STRONG> Monday, November 21. At the same time our farewell tour starts and it will continue until summer 2012. After that, itís over.

We have been together with the same four guys for over half our lives. We have done nearly 1500 shows in countries all over the world; we have sold hundreds of thousands of albums and toured with almost all our favorite bands. We have lived our dream. Being in this band isnít a hobby, itís a lifestyle. And weíve loved it.

But now weíre feeling the cracks in the surface somehow. Not from playing shows - that is still absolutely great. But we are fed up with all the stuff that comes along with being in a professional band. The constant pressure; the business bullshit.

We also found out after our sabbatical in 2010 that the personal priorities of the band members had changed. We often talked about that and the conclusion was always the same: if we want to keep our mutual friendship strong, then we need to get rid of this intensive professional collaboration. It hurts but thatís what weíre gonna do.

But donít worry; weíre not leaving the arena through the exit-door. No way. Right now we're in the studio because we are gonna end this dream in style; with an album and a tour. One last round, at full speed!

From mid November onwards we will be on our farewell tour. You can find all the venues and cities in our Tour section .

In 2012 we will also be rocking a select number of festivals and then the final curtain falls at the end of the summer.

We hope to see you during our farewell tour! For one last party in the pit.

Many thanks for the unforgettable lifetime of memories you have all given us.

Marco, Frank, Fred, Igor

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