Pers onder indruk van HR op sxsw festival Texas

Bericht geplaatst op: 21-3-2004

Het concert van Heideroosjes op het prestigieuze South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas was geweldig. Het toonaangevende (en door heel USA gelezen) blad The Austin Chronicle schrijft in een recensie: " Veterans Heideroosjes pretty well leveled the place when they took over. Rather than relentless express-train thrash, they write in some peaks and valleys, with short, pugnacious lead singer Marco bellowing about "scapegoat revolution" and other vaguely political topics. True to their roots, there's a song dedicated to the Ramones and a number that translates roughly as "Drop Dead", which could pass for a Minor Threat song. By the end of their set the singer was exhorting the 6th Street crowd from a window, the bassplayer was up on top of the PA cabinets, and an anonymous punk rocker was cavorting around onstage. They burn more calories and write better songs than the standard-issue American punk band, and blew the first two bands right out the front door. Now THERE'S a lesson in how to rock!". Een goede start voor een usa-carriere dachten wij zo!! Lees het volledige verslag op

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