HEIDEROOSJES IS HISTORY (but the final show is on DVD out now!)

After a fantastic sold out farewell tour through Europe, Heideroosjes ended 23 years of touring and making albums. After 1500 shows and hundreds of thousands of sold albums, the Ancienne Belgique in BRUSSELS was the church for a rock ‘n roll funeral. Two sold out nights in a venue packed with devoted fans and a band that was convinced to kick everyone’s ass for the very last time. How did that look? 

Well, you can see that for yourself because the DVD of the final show is out now. This document contains over 4 hours of footage including the complete concert and tour-reports. The DVD comes with a free photobook! You can order your copy here

Like Neil Young once said and Kurt Cobain wrote; “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”. Heideroosjes agree with that one. Thank you, wherever you are, for making our band the best experience we ever felt in our lives. Stay loud..